James Robison (YouTube)

America is on the wrong path, but James Robison says believers who humble themselves before the Lord can bring God’s glory and blessings back to our nation. Robison, founder and president of LIFE Outreach International, offers advice and wisdom for the country in his new book, The Stream.

“I see the power of freedom and I see the foolishness of losing it,” Robison says. “I have written The Stream to help us experience it personally and nationally; we don’t have to give our future, our security and our hope to the powers and principalities of darkness and deception. We can storm the gates of hell rather than being held captive by it and losing freedom. So The Stream really touches every area of personal (life), family, individual churches, communities, states, national leadership and the entire country.”

To take back the country, Robison believes Christians need to be emboldened to stand up for their faith. Every believer is crucial for spiritual health and unity, he says, just as every organ in the body is important for optimal health.

“I believe every person concerned and desperate, if they get this book and read it, will be overflowing with hope and will have an excitement about what God is going to do through them as an individual,” he says. “They may not think they are important, but the most vital organs are hidden. You don’t see the heart, but it’s pumping blood faithfully.”

The Stream is now available wherever Christian books are sold. —Taylor Berglund


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